Are you so focused on them that you lose yourself?


This self-help book speaks directly to today’s teenage and adult young women. It includes real-life scenarios, self-check exercises, and opportunities for reflection and re-evaluation about dating, relationships, and self-worth in the age of social media.


Loving Me, Blocking Them will:

  • Guide you along a path of learning your true power and gaining your own identity.

  • Give you proven and successful methods to deal with the emotional roller-coasters that you ride when encountering young love and commitment. 

  • Let you try exercises and scenarios drawn directly from real life to smooth your journey of reflection and empowerment.

  • Tell you what the guys are really saying, and how not-so-social social media can destroy your relationship and reputation.

  • Show why you cannot change anyone other than yourself.


With the influence of social media, it is easy to get trapped in a world of relationship goals that invite strangers and criticism into what is meant only for you. Loving Me, Blocking Them is here to elevate you into healthy relationships.

Loving Me, Blocking Them: A Young Woman’s Guide to Texting, Dating, and Breaking